Agency Support

Freelance Filmmaker / Cinematographer / Camera Operator

Dario Barros has been hired by international agencies from around the world originating from the United States, United Kingdom, etc.  

Based in Munich, Germany. He is also specially familiar with the markets in Spain and Belgium. 

When hired, additional support crew such as a second camera operator, Make-up artist, etc. can be arranged in certain locations.


Camera and equipment of any budget is possible. Blackmagic and Sony cameras are available at short notice.

Other sample cameras combinations for bigger budgets:

Arri Alexa Mini LF + Arri Signature Primes

Red V-Raptor + Cooke Panchro FF

Blackmagic 12K + Sigma FF High Speed Primes EF / Leica R

*Arri Certified: Camera Systems Training - In-Person certification at the Munich Headquarters