European and Multilingual Filmmaker based in Munich, Germany.

Image of Dario Barros  who is a Filmmaker / Cinematographer / Videographer
Dario Barros has interviewed top (C-Level) decision makers from across Europe. (Twitter, BBVA, etc.)
Former Celonis Senior Video Producer / DOP - Part of the new early team to develop and build the new video / film look, feel and style of the company in 2021.
As a freelance filmmaker and through past freelance employers he has worked with the following: French Embassy in Spain, Burda Style, Adobe, Microsoft, etc. 
Speaks English, Spanish, Catalan alongside some German, French and Hindi.
His past as a musician and language teacher has influenced how he approaches his work to achieve the goal of connecting with the viewer.
Available for hire to other productions or international agencies as filmmaker, director of photography or camera operator.






Dario Barros with a cinema camera in an international event in munich
dario barros filming a video with a cinema camera, cinema lens and an easyrig

It is important to work with people who genuinely care about your project and want to portray your brand as it deserves while communicating your values and your message accurately in an engaging manner.

Delivering a cinematic high-end result is something to strive for and does not end once the filming is completed but goes on into the post-production phase of the project by choosing the right music that invokes the right feeling, creating a seamless professional video edit and a quality color grading that visually supports what you are trying to convey is key to represent your brand accurately and telling a cohesive story.

Good communication is key to a great partnership.